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Welcome to Torrefazione Dubbini dynamic sensations world.

Take a break and follow the path that inspires you most, to explore countless nuances.

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Torrefazione Dubbini, the perfect combination with the refined world of the confectionary art, stems from a research pursued with love since 1927. It is the ultimate expression of the Dubbini family’s dream and identity, in which the tasting of Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Barley and Ginseng is transformed into a rediscovery of time and an unexpected sensorial experience, depending on the selected match and the extent to which one is prepared to explore it.
Every cup of the Torrefazione Dubbini range leads to one and endless paths. The extraordinary one of a family, through continental routes and passions expressed in almost one hundred years; as well as the leisure one can experience by combining sips aromas and feels with refined tidbits to be completely taken by surprise by nuances.
The journey has one or more origins, in different continents, landscapes and cultures. In the land, where coffee grows spontaneously, Torrefazione Dubbini selected fine varieties, respecting their value and cooperating with the farmers.
The journey began when grandfather Romeo and his wife Emma dreamt about an harmonious and complementary tasting experiences, just like their union. A small seed passed on to father Giulio and later left to his sons Giannandrea, Sebastiano and Federico.
The Dubbini brothers’ vocation started almost for fun while chasing each other among Diemme’s coffee jute sacks, and it is finally expressed today in a range of excellence, endowed with countless interpretations.

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to masterpieces, which is why in Torrefazione Dubbini, the knowledge of the raw material, flair and technique, past and modernity, preparation and passion - leading to day by day growth and improvement - merge without losing their identity.
The refined balance of Caffè Superiore and the other products in the range is the result of repeated attempts, confirming the Dubbini family’s love for those expressions of human talent and creativity capable of arousing emotions and letting each person live out their dream.

The search for beauty, turned into a family tradition, could not but become an expression of a value shared with master pastry Chefs. The arts of coffee and confectionary meet to merge in the sensorial grace of an unmistakeable moment.
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Caffè Superiore enshrines the priceless experience of three generations of Master Roasters, who for a long time have searched for the perfect perceptive harmony. It is an espresso of sweet and balanced tones with intense aromatic notes as well as low acidity. You will experience a cup with a thick brownish cream with a rich delicate taste and a full and velvety body, which is wonderfully exalted by milk and elegantly coupled with delicate confectionary creations.


From small-size plantations, the ripe drupes are handpicked, as if they were red jewelry caskets. This careful selection respects the production cycle of coffee plants, the life of which is intertwined with the knowledge and dreams of local farmers.


The wet treatment, applied to extract the drupe beans, together with the slow drying under the sun, preserve the precious organoleptic qualities of coffee. The encounter of natural elements with the techniques perfected by man over time reveals its distinctive purity.


The beans of different origins reach Italy by sea in jute sacks. It is not, however, the only test they have to face: in the plantation, in the harbour, and finally at the company, accurate controls and sample tests ascertain the characteristics of the coffee and its perfect consistency with the sensorial profile selected by the Master Roasters.


The Art of Roasting is not a mere production process, but a perfect harmony between human inspiration, knowledge and respect for the raw material. It accompanies raw coffee towards new sensory dimensions with extreme care.


During the roasting, the changes in colour and the crackling sound generated by the increase in volume enable coffee to express itself freely: it is the alchemy of nuances which the Master roasters have achieved after a long experimentation.


Once cooled and left to rest, the coffee is packaged in paper bags inspired by tradition. On every bag, the seal, which renders it unique and unrepeatable, is applied by hand.
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Ground Caffè Superiore for the Moka pot maintains the same aromatic profile of the five single-origins selected for the original blend, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of a sophisticated ritual with its surprising sensory harmony in the comfort of your home. It lends itself to be blended with other flavours, such as a sweet pastry; the perfect accompaniment for a sociable moment.
MEXICO, Altura Coatepec:
Arabica washed
Honey and vanilla
Arabica washed
Exotic fruits and chocolate
BRAZIL, Mogyana:
Arabica natural
Hazelnut and caramel
Arabica washed
Flowers and citrus
INDIA, Parchment:
Robusta washed
Cocoa and licorice
Sensorial Profile
Sensorial Lab

Quality cannot exist without experts, nor experts without knowledge.
Training has always been one of Diemme’s topline investments, and thanks to its “Drink Different” in-house School, it aims at spreading a thorough and comprehensive culture on outstanding coffee.
Theoretical and practical courses are held by skilled and SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) certified Coffe Trainers who address professionals and enthusiasts wishing to discover every aspect of the amazing journey in which beans are turned into coffee cups and learn about quality coffee sensorial values, techniques and nuances.
The courses tackle, in a specialist and updated manner, the origins of coffee, the organoleptic characteristics of the most widespread varieties, the methods of fruit growing, harvesting and processing, beans selection and roasting. The practical side focuses on the rules and advice for preparing the perfect espresso and all the main Italian coffee products: from the choice of the blend to the use and correct maintenance of machines, from grinding adjustment to milk frothing and latte art techniques, down to tasting and serving. In addition, concrete advice on how to promote one’s business, and prepare coffee-based drinks and innovative recipes is provided.
Follow-up courses on filtered coffees and new extraction methods, such as V60, Cold Brew, Syphon, which are increasingly requested alternatives to espresso in Italy too, have recently been introduced.
The Torrefazione Dubbini brand opens up the “Drink Different” School experience to pastry Chefs and their staff, offering refined opportunities for interaction between the arts of coffee and confectionery. Not only are they accurate training moments, but also special and engaging experiences of contamination and discovery, in which the invitation to tasting, to the exploration of unique combinations and new perceptions, translates into an authentic sensorial lab, in which knowledge is perfected and creativity is unleashed.

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DIEMME S.p.A. Soc. Unipersonale
Via Battaglia, 69
35020 Albignasego (PD) – Italia
+39 049 88 08 041
+39 049 86 75 428

opening hours
Monday to Friday
8:30 - 13:00
14:30 - 18:00
press office
visits and tasting
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PD 009694
€ 1.200.000,00 i.v.
Dubbini S.r.l.
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Selected, single-origin coffee from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Brazil and India complement each other in this fine blend: it is the alchemy of Caffè Superiore, also available in a Special presentation jar and Decaf. Each variety has been cultivated in a climate of cooperation and sustainability, expertly selected and checked by Master roasters, toasted in the spirit of tradition and then finally blended into a new, re-invented espresso: the perfect blend for a unique experience in “haute pâtisserie”, a perfectly balanced yet rich and complex sensorial experience.

Selected, single-origin coffee from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Brazil and India complement each other in this fine blend: it is the alchemy of Caffè Superiore, also available in a Special presentation jar and Decaf. Each variety has been cultivated in a climate of cooperation and sustainability, expertly selected and checked by Master roasters, toasted in the spirit of tradition and then finally blended into a new, re-invented espresso: the perfect blend for a unique experience in “haute pâtisserie”, a perfectly balanced yet rich and complex sensorial experience.

Several crus of the finest quality are selected in Venezuela and the Caribbean Island of Trinidad, such as the aromatic Criollo and Trinitario varieties: they then undergo a low impact processing and are mixed to a fine chocolate powder that can be dissolved in milk or water, according to taste. It is thanks to the affinity between coffee and cocoa, the profound knowledge of the raw materials and the control of the production process both in Italy and their countries of origin that Chocolate, which has always had a starring role in art of confectionery, can express its myriad of nuances while lending itself to capture an infinite number of others. A cup of chocolate allows the senses to embrace its exceptional roundness and persistence, the pleasant hazelnut aroma with its irresistible note of fondant, in a unique moment to be savoured with or without a pastry speciality.

A refreshment that is as ancient as the ritual of coffee. A pleasure that is completely natural and delicate as the sight of ears of barley, whispering in the wind. Soluble barley, made using the only the finest crops grains, ripened and dried in the sun and wind, selected, checked and transformed through slow and precise processes that preserve the aroma and natural nutritional qualities. It dissolves easily even in milk; a cup of barley offers a host of beneficial effects that both restore and refresh the organism and as it's completely caffeine-free, children and adults can enjoy it at any time of the day.

The natural extract from the ginseng root, used for centuries in the Orient as a universal remedy, now encounters the excellent varieties of roasted coffees in a blend ground to a fine powder, intensely aromatic and generous to the palate. With every sip the invigorating and restorative power of Ginseng unfolds its flavours, nourishing the senses and unleashing energy and well-being. The roots of this union are buried deep in far-flung traditions and have been brought up to date; a cup of Ginseng together with a pastry delicacy is a perfect combination right from the earliest hours of the morning.
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It takes more than just any Patisserie or any coffee to create a perfect affinity. There exists, in each of these worlds, a moment when the pursuit of beauty reaches its climax through the combination of Patisserie and coffee. 
In the workshop of each Maestro di Emozioni (Master of Sensation), the creation of Patisserie, and its accompanying coffee, is infused with history, experience, passion, flair and technique. Put simply, it is the pleasure of excellence. Using this value as a shared starting point, Torrefazione Dubbini has dedicated the exclusive project Maestri di Emozioni to the Patissiers that each day welcome their clients with sensations, words and gestures, offering nothing less than exceptional quality. 
The identity and the art of the professional pastry chef is strengthened through the supply of top-class equipment, special training programmes at the professional “Drink Different” school, personalised consultancy with a Coffee Master and customised merchandising material. Maestri di Emozioni will be able to rely on the unique expertise and ability to interpret the new trends offered by Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti, skills matured by the company since its establishment in 1927.
To discover more about the world of Maestri di Emozioni and to be part of it, please contact our Coffee Master, Sergio directly on the number +39 335 58 14 850 or by email sergio.zanelli@torrefazionedubbini.com.
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